Restorative cases

August 2008

Composite inlays


pre op 1

pre op 2



The image shows a hypoplastic molar with a shallow cavity but a wide destruction. This usually presents with a minimal caries and very rarely as a caries with pulpal exposure. The management of such cases is difficult since there is usually a difficulty in obtaining the resistance and the retention forms and it becomes a restorative challenge. Ideally, It requires an indirect restorative material such as composite or ceramic or cast restorations.

operative 1

operative 2



This case is dealt with a technique called as the Flexible mould technique , which is a chair side indirect composite technique. The cavity preparation involves all the hypoplastic defects.



post op 1

post op 2



This post operative image shows the indirectly fabricated composite restoration by flexible mould technique, which has a very good marginal adaptation and satisfactory esthetics.