Restorative cases

August 2008

Indirect Resin Inlay in molar


pre op




This patient reported with a wide destruction in 47. There was a history of a composite restoration in the same tooth. The patient wanted a tooth colored restoration. Since there was a wide destruction with some extension on the buccal side also, an indirect resin inlay was planned. The features of the cavity preparation for an indirect resin inlay included rounded margins, scooping of all caries and a butt joint for cavosurface margin as in amalgam cavity preparation. There is a controversy regarding placement of a bevel in the cavosurface margin for posterior composite inlay preparation. Since the composite material lacks high edge strength to withstand the masticatory load, the cavosurface margin needed not be bevelled. This image shows the cavity preparation for an indirect resin inlay.

post op 1This is the post operative image that shows the resin inlay cemented on to the tooth with a resin cement. The inlay has a good marginal adaptation and there are no gaps.


x ray 1

x ray 2The pre and the post operative radiograph reveals difference in the contact and contour with proper margins in the gingival third also.