Restorative cases

August 2008

Pulp capping as an interim treatment


pre op 1 pre op 1 x ray



This patient reported with a dislodged restoration in maxillary molar , that was done a few years back. On caries removal, there was a minimal pulp exposure, with no bleeding from the exposure and the patient was asymptomatic. The radiograph revealed close approximation of the pulp horn to the cavity prepared.

pre op 2 preopxray2 Since there was no bleeding from the pulp , it indicates that there could be a partial necrosis of the pulp. The patient was not willing for a pulpotomy /root canal therapy and a holding restoration was planned with pulp capping over the exposed site with calcium hydroxide.


operative 1This is the operative photograph showing the placement of calcium hydroxide.



operative 2 operative 2 x ray




High strength GIC is placed over that as a provisional restoration. The patient is scheduled for recall after 6 months for review of the pulp space for changes. If there are pulp changes then the treatment will proceed with root canal therapy and further managements. If there are no changes, then the temporary restoration can be replaced with a light cure restoration or cast restoration.