January 2010

Lateral richmond crown


pre op 1

This patient reported with complaint of dislodged crown in relation to left maxillary front teeth.

 pre op 3

Clinical examination revealed root stump of left maxillary lateral incisor.

 pre op x ray

pre op 2

Radiograph revealed satisfactory root filling in the apical third. Deep bite was observed for the patient.

Two treatment plan were considered, Separate post and core followed by the full crown or Richmonds crown, which has the crown and post in a single component. Since retention of crown was foreseen as the main problem as the patient had small clinical crown and deep bite, it was decided to proceed with Richmonds crown.

post op 1


This is the postoperative image after completion of richmonds crown.

 post op 2

post op 3


Clinical pleasing esthetics was achieved without compromising the retention.

 post op x ray


Post cementation radiograph reveals satisfactory adaptation of the post crown with excellent marginal adaptation. The only disadvantage of this crown is that, if retreatment is required because of failing root canal, then it is possible by surgical intervention only.