August 2008

Post and core


pre op 1

This patient reported with complaint of dislodged crown and on examination, there was a ceramic crown in 13, which was loose but the margins were good.

 pre op 2

The crown was removed and there was no core structure. The tooth was root treated which was evident from the radiograph. As an emergency management for esthetic reasons, a provisional post and crown was planned.


  operative 1

operative 2



operative 3

To temporize, polycarbonate crowns are selected and the facial and the lingual margins are checked for proper extensions and no gingival encroachment.


 operative 4


A provisional pin is selected.

 post op 1

post op x ray


The image shows the temporization with a provisional post and crown. The radiograph shows the pin extended in the canal that can give a satisfactory retention for the crown till a permanent post and crown is planned.