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Q&A Restorative dentistry

This section gives various question and answers related to restorative dentistry in the most logical manner that can be useful for students to approach viva voce in confident manner...


Aclean moisture free field is very essential for the successful outcome of a restoration and the importance of isolation in restorative procedures is discussed here through question and answers.

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Liners and cements

Liners and bases are materials placed as thin coatings that mainly act as a barrier against chemical irritation and the bases also provide thermal insulation.In this section, the various cements available, their properties, manipulation, precautions and uses are discussed through simple question and answers.


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Treatment of carious lesions

Tooth damaged due to caries will affect the structural integrity and providing a perfect restoration can help a long standing restoration. Question and answers related to the restorations and the procedures are discussed here.

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