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This section provides various free to use study material in the form of Scientific Articles, Documentation Charts, Research Thesis guidellines, Post graduate record book and many more..

Retreatment in Endodontics

A well treated root canal may encounter failures though not immediately after the treatment, a few years later and Retreatment becomes an ineviable procedure which includes the diagnosis of failure, identification of the reasons for the failure, proper treatment planning and rectification of the mistakes and a three dimensional obturation.

The various aspects of the retreatment procedure is dealt with in this chapter.

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Silver Amalgam restoration

Carving Silver amalgam Restoration is a challenge in clinical Practice and it becomes a nightmare during the undergraduate learning period. Establishing proper contacts and contours in the restoration is important for the longevity of the resoration .

The following PDF clearly shows the step by step procedure in the Carving of an Amalgam restoration.


Gold foil restoration

The quest to search the ideal restorative material has been a challenge for the researchers and academicians in the fraternity of restorative dentistry. With the rapid advancement in the bio material science and bio technology, most of the material properties have drastically improved in the recent years. Among the available restorative materials, direct filling gold is the oldest filling material that is still used in restorative dentistry.

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