Reference card

Reference cards are the basic building blocks for organizing the research study. They are mandatory for collection of all kinds of data and information pertaining to any research study.

A reference card should ideally consist of source of reference or citation and the content for which it has been referred. Also, it would be easy to go through the resource of research reference in future if it can be titled, subtitled according to study design and information collected.

Once reference card is made it can be used to go through while writing the research paper. All cards can be filed according to title or sub title for easy retrieval of information. Also one has liberty to note and add his/her view point regarding the reference, which can be sorted and refined while writing the research paper. The following publications are free to download reference card and additional card for research purpose. If the content is extending beyond one reference card, then additional card can be used with same reference number. A sample reference card is also given for guidance.

This pdf file are free for user. They contain 3 pages, the reference card template, additional card template and sample reference card.