Thesis manuscript submission form

This manuscript submission form helps student to submit the thesis to their guide in organized way. The following templates can be used by the student those who give thesis write up in hard copy. The template has two pages.

The first page is for the guide to enter the correction and write the remarks. The left top corner will has provision to write topic heading of the thesis you are submitting. Along with topic you can also include sub topic, when it is given separately for correction. The right corner has provision to state whether the copy you are submitting is fresh or already corrected copy submitted for re-correction. Also how many times you submitted the corrected can be mentioned. This gives insight to both students and guide before submitting to further correction. The main body of the form consists the areas to mention the page no/sentence no/para no and the remarks or what exact correction is necessary.

The second page or the main content page has the same header as the first page. In notes area which is ruled and numeric number is given for precise identification and communication of mistake to students by their guide. There is also provision for writing the reference or citation that appears in that content of the same page and provision for marking additional notes on the left side of the page.

This form of organized submission makes the correction easy for guide and student can learn which part of the content needs further refinement. For those who are submitting soft copy, best format is in ms- word, which has in built review for guides to correct.