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This section presents you the cases related to Implants which can give a better insight about the types, procedures and the indications for implant placement

Auricular prosthesis

ear prosthesis small

This procedural video demonstrates steps for fabrication of Adhesive retained auricular prosthesis.

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Cortex implant placement Flapless method final

Cortex implant placement Flapless method final This presentation demonstrates simple technique to place Cortex implant without reflection of flap. Implant is placed in 46 region.

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Custom abutment fabrication

custom abutment fabrication This demonstrates fabrication of custom abutment for maxillary central incisors. The implant was placed based on the bone availability resulted in unfavorable angle for prosthesis. Fabrication of custom abutment has overcome this problem and with good postoperative results.

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Adin Implant placement Flap method

adin_implant_placement_flap_method_small This video demonstrates step by step procedure of placing implant in upper left first premolar region. Placement of Adin implant after reflection of flap is done by Dr.R. Sathyanarayanan.

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